Dec 16, 2014

FOTD Flawless Gradation Lips of Liptint and Matte Lipstick

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Voilaaa... soo a long year ago not posting Fotd (Face of the day). Eventhough this is a latepost, but i really sure wanna post my creation of flawless makeup.

One day, my kareshi pick my old photos when i was at LPPI, and the other of my nude face when i havent been a working girl YET. 

He said,"your face was so kind, the nude face, as a pretty girl."

.....wth he said that i'm not that pretty anymore?? Lol...

I looked back that photos, and he consistently set my oldphotos as a phone wallpaper. Uhm yeah, was my makeup not as strong as i usually take for now.
Buahahha... not because i has changed, but the aura of makeup still so beginner.

and then, after the situation, i'm trying to reduce my kind of makeup on my face, because i love to create my bold coloring while hang out. He knows me as nitahakeem for now, so after he looked what i was on the photos, he commented like that.

Then i asked myself, could you be nita who use makeup like you're in the past?

Sure! hohoho. So, in my last Sunday date, i use makeup of no makeup.

But, whenever my head and my imagination coming, i always wanna create anykind of makeuo technic. So, i play with lipstick.

Oke this is my creation of lips:

I use two lipstick for this FOTD. The first is Dear Darling Orange Red Etude House, second is Wardah Lipstick Matte Nuddish Peach.

I've ever review all of them, sorry, maybe next. I'll focus on my fotd now.

Powder: I use like usual, foundation to my eyes, then blending to my dark circle. Also use powder of face shop cause i've got date in the afternoon.

Blush on: i use dark and light brown blush from LaTulipe (not LT pro) which is the color just like a shading to my cheeks. The color of peach or brown keeps your face looks natural.

Eyebrow: I use viva darkbrown pencil eyebrow and drawing as my boundary of brow.

Eyeshadow: Cause this is an afternoon date, i use a bit glitter eyeshadow  to the eyelid then blushes with the dark brown in the upper eyelid. So my eyes still in the mode of "catch me if you can" and doesnt look like a sleepy girl.

Lipstick: then this is the important part i create.

Instead of the power of texture and function. As you know liptint is rich of moisturizer, the matte lipstick is a thing that have a huge staying power. I do combine!

Liptint Dear Darling Orange Red Etude House as an inner color, so your lip doesnt chap in the other way.

Matte Wardah Nuddish Peach as the outer. Soo, the color of lips will have a staying power about 2 hours without eating a delicious food either still there while you drink.

Do my makeup looks flawless? i use no filter on my iphone 5s btw!

With this look, i feel so nude on the face a.k.a  "apa adanya" hahahahhaa

i look... younger yeah?
in your opinion?


I combined the orange things with peach actually to reduce my real yo age. Lol!

But sometimes, no makeup looks is the most spending time "making up" .If you know what i mean...

xoxo, nitahakeem

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