Dec 23, 2014

Review Wardah Longlasting Lipstick no 4

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I can barely believe that i was miss local product like Wardah cosmetics. I never found the comfy matte lipsticks as same as i comfy this Longlasting lipstick from this brand.

I'll explain, most of matte lipstick is uncomfortable to lips. Whatever chapped, dried, fade out, transfered. Nothing as i can deny it wont transfered, NO. But i sure that this is the most comfy matte lipstick i've ever used.

What i regret is, the variant of color... 

Wardah just giving us limited good color for deciding which to buy. Until i choose to no 4 cause i never has this color in my bucket.

I still wondering, why there is no more cute lipcolor Wardah give for this "Longlasting Lipstick" though they give all beauty variant for "Exclusive Lipstick" which is very moisturizing.

Alright then, i choose no 4 cause this is the most sensual matte i really need. 
1. The color looks sensualy mature for me as a personality (wth i said??)
2. Creamy texture.
Yes!!! can you believe that creamy things which made this lipstick so comfy?? I dont exaggerate. This really comfy. Alright!
3. Not dried cause still has a moisture inside. So dont worry to use this everday.
4. They said longlasting. I said yes! This still transfered to our glass but not as much as the other moisture lips. You could feel the moist texture a bit in a good way.
5. Fade out just a bit. Really a bit. There is still an extract color in your lips after eat or drink.

So how about the color?? First view the swatch.

First line is the one sweep, then other is the second bold sweep.

This is usual my bare lips 

1. My bare face and lips (i do goin to office with no makeup just this lipstick to change my daymood)
2. The real bare lips
3. I use the lipstick just UNDER the lips
4. Closing up my lipstick on the lips. How sensually??

See the differential color indoor and outdoor without filter as usual.

I have never ever use my glasses in my blog review right? hahhahaha so this is the first launch! lol

This is the bonus when i use this lipstick in other friday

Overall, i really into this Wardah if only they produced many many color as exclusive lipstick by Wardah.. please... just please...hihihi

Price so friendly. About 80k and staying power soo adorable things to know.

Oh! I suggest you for watching out when you opened this sleek lipstick. Why?... the creamy texture so vulnerable and easy to break. Mine is separate by two side. Wahahahaha. What a day! T___T

xoxo, nitahakeem

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