Dec 19, 2014

Review Caring Bookstuff BeautyGuide Vol 6 How To Mingle At New Office

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I do in love with makeup stuff with the hardcase book like Nyx, Benefit, and UrbanDecay. Then i found the limited edition booklet makeup from our local products. This present by Caring Colors.

This is a mini booklet which is easy travel and go. I choose no 6 from about 6 collection i forgot what kind of them. This is very limited edition, hard to find from the counter in a big city and you know where i finally found? in Jember! yes, the city whom Anang, Vicky Shu, and Dewi Persik


I choose how to mingle cause this is the only combination color of dark and light which is so good for work, not to eyecatching and easy to blend.

i was staring at the review and decided to vol 6 as my sweety makeup travel.

Boomm! Thats the packaging inside! 
a mirror
2 lips red and nude orange
2 eyeshadow of yellow and dark purple
a powder light
a peach blush on

the brush is.... uhm uhm... i'm not that recommend you to use this. Why? especially the brush for blush, sooo rough! dont ever try to make your cheeks being chafed.

Thats all makeup inside... sweetyyy booklet i've ever tell you! hhehehee
I explain this to the pics:

you wanna try the pigmentation? just calm down, roll in to my blog.

the lipcolors, filter and no filter. The left side is L1 and others, L2. I'm not that really into this lipstick, actually the color is good, pigmented, and longlast. But it just ordinary color, ordinary texture, there is no something that make me have a "wow effect" nor the powder blush and shadow.

Pics with filter : 

no filter :

The left is a powder and the right is a peach blush. I really in love with the blush! soo unbelievable nude color blending to my cheeks perfectly!

Then this the eyeshadow color. So creamy  powder and pigmented with the glittering things of yellow eyeshadow. The dark purple is absolutely matte. In love!

Packaging so much well, it closed when we travel at bags. Hardcase and not easily broken. The hardcase made from something like "kertas karton" wtf how do you spell it? lol

Sooo i finished the review things and the looks is continue for Fotd to my office. Let's go!

Powder Effect and The Blush. You see that my bare face into the light powder. It coverages well. The powder textured by foundie. So, i take it to my face as a nature concealer. The left is my face AFTER using powder and blush on the cheeks.

Fotd 1

This original powder and the blush on the cheeks.
First Eyeshadow style combine with the light then the darker

The lips from L1 which the color combination of orange and pinkiesh.

Lets see me in the light and no light. The powderr sooo pigmented and the eyeshadow soo lighter and glowing.

Fotd 2

This original powder and the blush on the cheeks.
Eyeshadow combination with the purple first then the lighter under eyelid.
Lips is from L2 which is originally RED.

Really easy to blend all of the makeup to office by two style *peace*

Fotd 3

Now what i did for my dates!! hahahahahha
All of them is from Caring actually except the eyebrow , eyeliner, and the lips. For lips i use Silky Girl no 20 Playfull, Eyeliner Maybeline Hypergloss Black, and Viva brown eyebrow pencils.

Have a nice dating! xoxo lovely :***

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