Dec 21, 2014

Review Liptint Dear Darling Neon Orange by Etude House

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I'd like to introduce my other liptint which has colorful one way sweep. This a moisture lips with gel texture but longlast for everyday use.

So girly packaging for the first i am staring at, like usually Etude product design. I choose the orange one cause many of my liptint was in a pink scent.

Tall design, and you can see that gel moisture inside right?
The aplicator absolutely comfy to use to your lips, no worry :D

I always in love with girly items from Etude House... also all of the BA who always said "Morning princesss... " when you visit the store.

I will come with the color of this liptint to my hand. This pigmentation of gel texture has a good staying power. As i said the first alinea, just for one sweep, the color blending your lips perfectly.

Now come to see the bare face.

i'm starting to apply this liptint from Etude House

the most adorable thing is the important: you just need one sweep to get my looks!! (wtf the third i said this) because i'm so in love with the power first sweep.

the staying power enough good cause the liptint blended to our lips and just has a little fade out for 2 hours later.

 see? this is the evidence about this liptint staying power.

The price about 100k cause i bought online shop.
this is my eveyday stuff and lovin it too much until i need to repurchase all the color for 2 items. LOL

I suggest you not to eat something for about 1 hours, let the moisture seeped to your lips in order to stay last......after all happy end! you could eat with the color still fearless in your lips. Wohoo!

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