May 27, 2015

Review GlamGlow Powermud

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Hi! i'd like to introduce a new things from GlamGlow which claim the power of dual cleanses and it's worth having!

The hell like a powerfull mask is about how Glamglow works for our face. I cant stop loving this product anymore. How could the mask works like this better and better?

Alright then , i was giving you the qualification of GlamGlow mask. This baby called Powermud is a green sachet because i wanna try if it propers to my face or Not.

This mask has a keyword of "Detoxification." Yes, it is detoxing your skin to the top of your face!

Mud to oil is the next keyword. Yep, cause of dual cleanses, this mud mask will be dry out in a second you used it, but after blending with the water for wash, they re become an oily things that makes you so powering cleanses!

I will explain by picture in my bare face. Dont forget to wash it before you use the mask.

Then i applied Powermud Mask Glamglow then become like this white-green mud shinny day!

Appying to my face:

My face looks brighter right? lol. After 5 minutes this become:

I use this Powermud really sheer to my face and the output being smooth to the surface. Equalism.

What do i feel?
You know what, i dont feel exfoliate, yes , this kind of detox, there are MORE cling cling mode and really longer time! about 7 minutes the effect of massaging coming more than Youthmud. Then, when i used it, my face cant be moved in every expression i need. Hahahha. I can do nothing.

This is really Straight.

I feel like my face thickened! it's getting bold bulky feels.

I use it for 20 minutes. This skin looks brighter in a mud.

Then i wash my face with the kind of massaging in circular motion before soaping. 

Finally this mudmask giving me the real skin color. 

After wash out, my skin back to the real bare face. I feel like whoaaa...  the mud going to be an oil while i was massaging and yes i feel so clean.

i dont feel brighter than before,but it really cleanses at all.

I thought this is a good cleanses for believing. And to tell the truth it's more works for the dry skin.

If you ask me would i repurchase ? i said not really. Cause i dont really like the effect of oil, it's giving me more oil from the oily skin having. Except i use it to the cheeks area.

I still prefer Youthmud and Supermud. Hihi.

I' m an oily skin baby! With kind of combination in my cheeks area.

You can see the process of powermud works to my face from the pics below. For me, it doesnt give a significant effect. Price of powermud is lower than Youtmud and Supermud. Dont worry.

I prefer cleaned my face with a usual cleansing milk. lol

xoxo , nitahakeem

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