Feb 7, 2017

My Birthday Makeup FOTD

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One day, i grew old and fabulous. Hihihi. Yes, the other day in this year, at 14 January, i had a birthday. I'm 27 now. Yeayyy!
I thought i need an anti aging serum right??

and in that happy day, my friend, Inke Maris finally married!

So, what i wanna look for you? Absolutely my makeup experience. 

Oh oh i know i'm  not a MUA. There is nothing special from my "Bridesmaid Makeup" concept but at least i try, right?

Face of the day. I use a hairclip in blonde so my hair looks like an ombre. Really cool even it's so heavy hair with 60cm.

I havent had knowing about wire hairflip btw. lol

How bout my FOTd? and the wardrobe?

Foundie : Makeover Liquid Foundie "Ochre no 01"
Shading : Etude matte eyeshadow darkbrown
Blush on : Etude lips and cheek in "Cherry"
Eyebrow : Viva dark brown
Eyeshadow : Maybelline "the Nude"
Eyelashes : Human Hair mixed 2 Synthetic lashes no brand
Lens : Eyelovin "verca dubai brown" 
Lips : Makeover "no 012" Ultra High Matte in "Envy" mixed up with Borjois Aqua Laquer 01
Hairclip : Synthetic no brand

This is my friends and we catch up the wedding playdate.

Like the tren, i wore nude lips. Hoho. Oh and suddenly my bf coming.

is he tired of me??

I really a demanding girlfriend! 

Yep, thats my bday moment. I celebrated my friend wedding and happy to know that she is finally found someone kind.

I hope so my relationship would be last forever in inner peace, healthy together, and good for financial. 

yes. I need him for my next episode. When i choose, i really have had praying so tight. 

Sometimes, i know i'm no good, but indeserves someone good for me to make me much better woman.

I just want him to be healthy. Thats all. Cause with that healthy man, we can conquer the world together.

xoxo my 27,

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