Oct 13, 2014

#30 facts about me

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#fact about me

1. Capricornus girls whose craving for high obsession to make her dream comes true. 
2. Sanguin-Melancholic , part of funniest pretty girl and mellow side the others. But btw, i've never cry for a dramas, except anime movies like sailormoon, doraemon, cardcaptor sakura.
3. Cat lovers, eventhough my dad always throw my liar pet away from me. 
4. I dont like children but i am a woman with syndrom of baby fatty boy. Someday my son have to gain weight with a sexy fat body. lol!
5. When i was senior high school, i stopped drawing comics cause of accident, but from that day, i was starting to write fiction drama-novelet. Until now being a blogger. I like shared anything to face the world.
6. I'm a curious one. If i need to know something, i 'll catch with whatever effort.
7. Cant sing. But always act like a lady top singer. Lady gaga kw xxx 😆
8. Love dancing and movie with dancing rythm. Even bollywood. lol.
9. Have had a history. A hard breakup of waiting for someone so many long and wasting so much moment there. But yeah, i trust Him. Everything happens for a reason.
10. For all, i'm good in relationship :p sometimes i use my heart for liking someone, but then i use logic bigger to choose how to doin this well. Because for me, it's not about how to start with someone, but how to train this relationship and staying no matter how hard things get.
11. I usually overthinking. Sometimes too much problems blown engine in my mind. Then so, i need someone to make me comfort and keep me save from the blackhole.
12. Socmed lady. True. Because i'm easy to boring. But to tell the truth, i've never falling in guy with the same charateristic. Life must be balance right? 😅
13. I'm a good driver. Give me many car, i drive it to this city with no compliment. Was my dad gimme 13 car in 5 years recently. All of them is Jeep. He said to me,"starting from heavy difficult car, then you will run with luxury in the future.."
14. Dvd, novel, comics mentally food for me.
15. A bataknese and Javanese. Always in a relationship with java, never happen with bataknese eventhough i really wanna try but heart never comings. haha.
16. I hate become a leader. That will make a bad  effect of anger, of how i manage my team to be perfectionist and sometimes, i cant work with a slowly person.
17. Sauna and fitness is a good therapy for reducing my anger. I put my time for many hours there.
18. Blazer addicted. Everywhere i go, my catchy style is anymodel of blazer. 
19. A bad enterwind person, and it crush with my obsession to wear bikini at Legian, Bali.
20. I hate surprise. Dunno, whenever my bf gimme a surprise, eveything ruined by me, because i never follow his rule and then i dunno what i have done 😅
21. Iphone addicted. I give up with android os.
22. Dreaming of my own closet at a small room. Which is so many my blouse, shirt, dress, bags, shoes inside.
23. Still keeping my dream to be an entrepreneurs with s2 grade :) no matter when. 
24. Well managed. I used to be planned A, B , and C to my life. About my roadmap and my finance.
25. Have many fans of guy younger than me! hahahaa real. Seriously the proportion isnt equal.
26. Telkom Indonesia is the company where my dream jobs ever and ever! 
27. I love makeup, expecially with korean lipsticks. My bare lips are dark cause i ve using  lipstickS since junior high school.
28. I was dreaming for marriage since i graduated, no matter my couple hasnt have salary, i provide runaway with him. "Cinta mati huh?" NOPE, In fact i just wanna be a young married couple like Mom :D
29. Was a single child in family for 13 years, then i met my sweetbaby called azel and i will do anything for him.
30. I'm enough with the rude relationship, how hardly it is. I need healthy one, without crush, with many pleasure. And i dont wanna waste my time to a breakup one.

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