Oct 14, 2014

How i draw an eyebrow

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i was said that i am interesting with kind of eyebrow nowadays. Just because it happens from my friends wedding makeup crew whose draw me a sharp eyebrow and i looks so different and fabulous.

I'm trying to draw an eyebrow slowly and the result is too bold 😅 

until my sibling tell me how to do this 

i should not always follow the line of my eyebrow but just follow to the upper eyebrow. Because too bold line will make our faces so bad and danger. 

then i'm still trying and the result still too mich. but i cant figure out whats wrong.

for more than 2 weeks i apply this to my office and hoping that i will be really expert cause of experience and then, as i imagine, i'm not bad at drawing !

i applied this eventhough i pray to my Lord. haahhhaha.

but for many reason, i really appreciate to my effort. Suddenly even it's not a real expert like KD or Syahrini, my eyebrow still indentify myself better.

i used Viva eyebrow pencil on this look. As you know pencil of viva is so favourite to all makeup artist. Althought the price just 27k :)) 

see you guys to the next post!

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