Oct 14, 2014

Blorah time

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Zafferano Cafe.

the way i shared my life in balikpapan is the way that i met my supergirls at the rent house.

we were from several city in Indonesia and meet at balikpapan.

we are mandirian exactly and we have so many plan in this company in and out. 

first time i landed here, there is udur besides me accompany to go around balikpapan and tell anything about people mining oil and gas.

then the rent house suddenly full with the new personels coming.

we hang out, we spent time, we laugh, we gossip, etc. 

some friend turnover to other country in kalimantan, leave the eyedrops with crying and so many moments.

but i hope my life in balikpapan will be really grateful in the next journey with them.

whatever we still in this company or not :)

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