Oct 13, 2014

cendo eyes

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Would you know whats wrong with my faces for two weeks recently??

i've got a cendo eyes! lol.

moreover, this is the longest cendo i have ever had. Usually people get cendo just two days and it cures naturally. 

This isnt. 

this called kalazion.

the first is your eyes look bigger and so hurted.

and eventhough you covered it with makeup, there is still looking not same as the other eyes. 

sorry maybe too much bad annoying, but i have to post this

 yes this is the bad ever things in my life at my face. this cendo is full of water-something. and looks like a double cendo there. 

i got the inflammation!
 and my siblings offered me to go to the doctor and finally i met dr christiana at Siloam hospital balikpapan.

i did insisi 😅

thats like a small operation which the doctor will using her stuff for clean up the eyes with local anestethic.

so hurt! i almost cry!

but my siblings said this is what we have to cleaned up, cause it will be bigger and destroy my worklife. 
and then so

as long as your face looks like kenshin himura.

after that i said to my bf in two days later that my eyes exist anymore! LOL

guys , just learned from me that dont smudge your eyes with a random hand. And use glasses if you are in a dirty area. Then if you feel so itchy at your eyes, just using cendo xtrol for salep or eyedrops.

life better!

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