Oct 12, 2014

Kirana's wedding

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one day there is a big moment from my friend wedding at Balikpapan. She's the one of odp bank mandiri married in 27th with his boyfriend from PT Sampoerna.

The culture of the ceremony is javanese. Cause both of them are java, jogja exactly.

And the most interesting thing is she arranged all her big wedding by herself. Herself!

And i really love her makeup team, for the first time, her crew made a new face art. 

in my eyebrow. Ohlalaaaa...

if you really knew, i never experiment with my eyebrow, but for the first time in balikpapan, i'm in love with eyebrow art! hahahaha

my beautiful eyes! looks so strong and big. ❤️❤️

my friends after we made over by the makeup crew. we looked so different faces. Pretty little liars.

this is betty mutiara, my friends from mandiri too.. 

alright then, and this photo taken by other, which is we are the user for this kirana ceremony. i am the little one, the petite princess. 

and introduce one! this is willy. hahahha. he is my junior odp mandiri, from the first he got balikpapan as his first place to work, he wanna meet me and taken photo besides me. dunno why, but h e said, he is one of my "brondong" fans. Oh come on.. not again -,-

Alright then, this is my experience of make up. The big time when i realize that eyebrow is point of something to your face. And from this start, i always draw my brow with the pencil things. 

and this is what ive done with my face

too bold yeah ? -,-

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