Oct 15, 2014


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Have you ever been expecting someone too much high ?

i've ever did.
And it hurts for several times.

I've had 4 relationship before, which is thats a long commitment, always been more than 1,5 year. And the longest is three.

You know what, the part of real commitment is the deadline. And the big time is a certainty.

Ever woman needs certainty. Because all of them wanna be rescued.

Everyone need a partner. Whose the one that really click like you just press one button and everything behind running so good for each other.

after the commitment, there is the most difficult things about relationship, that was surviving. 
Yes, to stay in one person is about you just imagine that you life with him or her until the rest of your life.
And you couldnt imagine if the world without.

To stay in love with her no matter how hard things get.

some couples break up cause of many reasons... cheating, arguing, yelling, talking bad, and this part ruins everything that you built in the past.

why? you cant forgive.
Yes , for stay in her/him you cant just staring at them good, just because everyone has mistakes, apologize is the key of happines. And trustworthy is like the roots, they would be growing up if day by day you could show it well.

I'm not expecting to find the one perfect. I'm expecting the one fits to me. Like a good damn partners.

As simple as the one that i can spirit him for every depressed life. And someone that could be the one beside my dreams. Because i'm a woman with many big dreams...  being a good wife with the cute fatty baby boy, career woman/entrepreneur, and then a chef for my family. 
Just prove me whatever i am.

I dont need a rubicon, big house, branded bags,i just waiting for someone who need me to built his empire. His empire to me. And then, stay with me forever. Stay healthy stay maturity.

You know what, i love a challenge. I know that flattered life will be so boring. And i wanna be that one who wins the rule of life.

then praise Allah all the time.

I believe that, if Allah send two person into each other, there will be no cheating, why? because in their eyes would never been someone better outside. Eventhough they re just starring , just flirting,
 as same as christian sugiono said to his wife in reality show, why are you survive with this relationship ? 
"Because searching for someone like you is the most difficult to my eyes."

and just stay with me, no matter how hard things get.

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